About Us

Why We Are?

Youth culture today is lightyears away from what is was before the turn of the millennium. No longer is it about rebellion and anti-establishment; counter-culture exist in the form of hype. How did it get this way? Two words: The Internet. People are consuming content at a rate like never before, vastly re-shaping our daily decisions and behaviours, from the things we wear, to what we post online. So it comes as no surprise that counter-culture has become a lost art; an art that, amongst other things, Habitual is here to preserve.

Who We Are?

Habitual is a movement. As a lifestyle content company, we are here for the creatives and creators of this world, to encourage collaborative pursuits between likeminded individuals across all genres. The world is getting too small and too flat for borders and boundaries; we need to challenge the content-lacking norms of today by reinventing mainstream trends.


Habitual is headquartered in Singapore in a creative space that is gallery by day, and whatever your imagination can think of by night. We also have our content and e-commerce arms, thehabitual.com and shopthehabitual.com respectively, where we feature off-the-beaten-track cool shit from around the world, from arts to fashion & streetwear to lifestyle. The Habitual experience connects you with rare-finds, exclusivities, dope af street art & collectibles, lit newcomers, established talents, and even heritage gems from a slow-fading culture.

This is Habitual’s ethos: Hype where hype is due, quality is the foundation of our curation, and our community will be around originality, inventiveness and soul.